We need to see what you see

Misunderstandings between the customer and the development team cost time and money. That’s why we always spend time understanding what you really need (read more &;raquo;). It’s a small but important part of the project, and usually the only time we charge by the hour.

Fixed price to start

After establishing the what-you-need document, we give you a quote for the initial part of the work. That is, we tell you what we can achieve in three or four weeks and give you a fixed price. If you like it, we start working. If you don’t like it then you still own your needs document. We don’t try to lock you in.

And that's it

On the agreed delivery date, we come to your place and show you what we’ve achieved. If you like it, we discuss the next specification; make a plan and quote for the next round of work. If you don’t like it, you own the work, the specification and the source code.

You have control over your time.

BITZEAL is a workplace for wizards with friends, families, children and a life. We recognise that you need to be empowered to decide when and how much you work; and where you do it best. We plan ahead to make this work in practice. At BITZEAL it’s the results, deliveries and teamwork that count; not who enters the office first or leaves last.

In fact, BITZEAL is a results-only-work-environment. This means for example that:

  • Nobody talks about how many hours they work
  • It's okay to go grocery shopping on a Wednesday morning
  • Meetings are optional

Sound too good to be true? It’s not (too good that is), as long as you remember that you’re accountable for delivering results on time, and for helping the team deliver to the customer.

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Work at BITZEAL!

We felt that something was missing in life, so we founded BITZEAL. If you want to be one of us, then it's most likely because...

At BITZEAL we work in small teams at our nice office in downtown Gothenburg. We work together on projects for our customers; using the best tools available of course.

Let us build your mobile application

We are experts in building professional high quality apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Our apps are fast, reliable, good looking and high quality. They work on both Android phones and iPhones (and Windows Phone if you want. We work with Xamarin).

When you let us build your app, you save money because you don't have to develop separate apps for iPhone and Android. Our apps work on both platforms out of the box, while maintaining the highest quality.

We do not lock you in as a customer, and we give you fixed prices on the different parts of the project. (read more »)

How about starting with an analysis of your needs? (read more »)

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BITZEAL Mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Hello! Welcome to BITZEAL

We take care of your software development. We’re like your software development department; only you don’t have to buy us desks and chairs. In fact, you only pay for the results.

We make:

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Make wonderful things!

20% of your time at BITZEAL is for doing whatever you want. The requirement is only that you inspire your team with it every few weeks. Our experience is that this leads to many great ideas that translate into fantastic work for our customers.

In addition, we invest in our own projects. These are the projects born from the ideas of our own employees. We want to make your "baby" your day job.

When you work at BITZEAL, chances are you’ll work with a project that you love - because you’re the one who came up with it.

Some of our hobby projects:

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We need your help!

At BITZEAL we love words like unit testing, continuous integration and scrum. You too? Then you should probably be one of us! But there is more to it, we founded BITZEAL because we love to work at the best workplace.

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C# and JavaScript

Most of our projects involve C# for back-end and JavaScript for front-end. If you are a guru in one of these areas (or both!) then please contact us right away. We really need your help!

C / C++

For our embedded projects we use mainly C and C++. If you are a master-of-embedded-development, don't hesitate to get in touch! We're sure that you'll love working at BITZEAL.


We target the medical device industry but we accept all embedded projects that are fun and serve good purposes.

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Be the boss of your boss!

In most companies, you are accountable to your manager. That’s still true, but at BITZEAL your manager is also accountable to you.

We don’t hire managers; instead the team assigns roles and responsibilities for a one year period. This way we make sure that the managers know the ground work and do their best to improve the conditions for the other team members.

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Get in touch

We are very friendly and would love to hear from you!

Or just come by for a coffee! We are at at Östra Larmgatan 16, Göteborg.

Att fånga ett behov

Vi hjälper dig att fånga din organisations processer och behov. Tillsammans engagerar vi ditt team och tänker nytt, utanför befintliga ramar. Resultatet blir en teknisk kravspecifikation och vägen dit kännetecknas mer av spel och aktivitet än arbete framför en skärm.

Står du inför att omvandla företagets manuella processer till digitala? Behöver du byta affärssystem? Eller vill du kanske utveckla ett helt nytt system som dina kunder kan använda?

Du kommer stå inför utmaningen att identifiera grundläggande behov och prioritera mellan önskemål och krav. Dessutom är det nu du har chansen att effektivisera befintliga processer. Genom att hitta organisationens verkliga behov i god tid, besparar du dig själv de stora kostnader som det innebär att satsa på ett otillräckligt system.

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Requirements workshop